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Express Wash Services

Express wash service is a self-service system where you are able to remain in your car while your vehicle goes through the wash and you can then vacuum and dry yourself at the end. This will help you to get your car cleaned quickly and back on the road.


The Works


Includes: Auto Spa Bath, Auto Spa Prime, Auto Spa Rinse, Auto Spa Seal, Auto Spa Rain Repel

Norco Auto Spa, Extra Mile Store And Gas



Includes: Auto Spa Wax, Triple Foam Conditioner, Tire Shine

Norco Auto Spa, Extra Mile Store And Gas



Includes: Wheel Cleaner, Clear Coat Protectant, Spot Free Rinse

Norco Auto Spa, Extra Mile Store And Gas



Includes: Exterior Wash and Power Dry

Full-Service Wash

We offer the excellent and reliable full-service wash system where we will vacuum and dry your car based on the automobile’s requirements. Be it a total maintenance, car wash, wax services, carpet cleaning or deep cleaning of your seats, we handle everything with care and precision. All you have to do is let us take care of your vehicle and sit back to relax.


The Works Full Service


Includes: Everything from the works package, plus Interior Clean

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